In the past decades, the world has experienced massive changes in various sectors, and cryptocurrency has grown a lot and become a trend in recent times. People get more interest in digital currency and trust cryptography. The transaction in cryptocurrency does not require a bank statement. It is an advanced investment method, and online payment is much better than other things. When you have already learned many things about cryptocurrency, you must learn about the cryptocurrency airdrop and its types, and this post will help you learn it.

Cryptocurrency Airdrop

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What is meant by Cryptocurrency Airdrop?  

If the users in the crypto world are willing to promote their new digital currency, they can use the free cryptocurrency coins or tokens sent to them. This marketing stunt in cryptocurrency is said to be a cryptocurrency airdrop. The best example of this is getting a free coupon from the new restaurant. The purpose of this is to promote the ICO – initial coin offering in the crypto, and many crypto projects have begun to use this often. In simple terms, the cryptocurrency airdrop is a token or coin for the users without buying the cryptocurrencies.

Types of Cryptocurrency Airdrop 

Even though the crypto currency airdrop is a marketing tactic, it has various types where the users can benefit from different airdrops in crypto.  

  • Standard Airdrop

The initial type of crypto airdrop is standard, and there is no eligibility or requirement for this one. Everyone is eligible for this standard airdrop, and the new digital currency will be sent to wallet holders. And only a small amount will be sent in return for services like creating an account by signing up for digital currency. It is necessary to complete the KYC- know your customer verification if you want to get the airdrop, and another option you need to provide your email and wallet address for getting this.

  • Bounty Airdrop 

The second crypto airdrop type is bounty airdrop, and tokens are circulated to users who needed a help to support a blockchain project, generally on social media platforms, in bounty airdrops. Users usually receive the tokens in question after re-tweeting posts about the project, sharing a post on Facebook, following the company’s Twitter account, creating an Instagram post, and so on. You can also earn more bounty airdrop by referring other people to the network.

  • Exclusive Airdrop

The exclusive airdrop is only available to dedicated supporters or followers of a specific virtual currency project or blockchain community. This airdrop is frequently run by airdrop websites and aggregators who give first dibs to reliable followers of encouraging blockchain project’s airdrops. You can easily get the new crypto launch information online, and there are no strings that will be attached in exclusive airdrops. If you want to get this exclusive airdrop, stay loyal and attain it as a loyal user.

  • Holder Airdrop 

As the name itself denotes, these types of airdrops are typically sent to users who already own certain coins or tokens of another cryptocurrency type. For example, Members of the other blockchain community have rarely been offered free tokens from a new virtual currency project launched on one of their blockchains.

  • Hard Fork airdrop

A hard fork arises when developers alter their protocol code to create a new version of the blockchain and, as a result, a new token. The original blockchain and coin exist under the existing protocol, while the new token operates under the adjusted protocol. The user will get a new token equal to the original coins when the chain split happens.

Bottom Line: 

The usage of cryptocurrency airdrop is almost everywhere to promote crypto, and it is good to learn about it. Thus, the points listed earlier are the five types of crypto airdrop and creating an account in crypto to get this airdrop.