OAH Coin Presale is live

Since last few days, everyone has been talking about cryptocurrency presale by OAH coin. But why is it so? Do you also own OAH coin? How to participate in the OAH coin ICO presale? Let’s answer these questions.

A cryptocurrency ICO presale in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is a practice of offering cryptocurrency at comparatively lower prices and invest in potential assets without spending a lot. OAH coin has also been offering OAH coin with the help of cryptocurrency presale and ICO. The cryptocurrency has seen a considerable positive approach from investors, making it a trendy topic in digital and cryptocurrency world.

OAH coin, designed with the idea of promoting healthy and dignified ageing by using funds from all sources in creating virtual Old Age Homes for elderly, bringing digitalization in the life of elderly with blockchain technology which can benefit them in many ways and building health care infrastructure for the betterment of the lives of the elderly population.

People are interested very much to invest in assets not just holding and working for financial security but for social development and building a society for all ages. This makes OAH coin different from other cryptocurrencies and consequently more positive results in cryptocurrency ICO presale is visible.

Cryptocurrency presale started from 7th January and is still going on. So, in case, if you missed the opportunity of owning OAH coin in cryptocurrency presale, you do not need to worry but hurry up a bit.

OAH Coin Presale

OAH cryptocurrency presale is offering 15% of coins in three phases.

  1. Phase 1 – 5% @ 0.25 USD
  2. Phase 2 – 5% @ 0.50 USD
  3. Phase 3 – 5% @ 0.75 USD

The first phase is to offer 5,500,000 OAH coin at the rate of 0.25 USD. Starting from 7th January 2022 to 11th February 2022.

The second phase is to offer 5,500,000 OAH coin at the rate of 0.50 USD. Starting from 12th February 2022 to 14th March 2022.

The last phase of the OAH cryptocurrency presale is to offer 5,5,500,000 OAH coin at the rate of 0.75 USD. Starting from 15th March to 10th April, lasting for 25 days.

This process of presale lasting for 90 days is an excellent opportunity to dive right in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology for anyone interested. And OAH being a volunteer driven, one can become a volunteer even by just taking part in the presale of OAH coin.

OAH coin being an initiative along with a cryptocurrency aims to make this society a better place for upcoming future possesses great potential in itself. Being developed as a blockchain based cryptocurrency, it makes the system more transparent and secure which can be trusted, allowing fundraisers to keep track of where the funds are being used as.

Technical details of OAH Coin:

  • Developer : OAHFAMILY
  • Cryptocurrency : OAH coin
  • Ticker : OAH
  • Algorithm : X15 PoW / PoS
  • Max PoW Coins : 110,000,000 OAH
  • PoS annual interest : 5 %
  • Timing of block (in seconds) : 60 seconds

OAH Family is determined about people oriented service, community participation, effective communication and continuous improvement, presale becomes an important aspect for implication of these values. Hence, cryptocurrency ICO presale of OAH coin turns out to be more than just cryptocurrency offering. Participation in cryptocurrency presale for OAH coin basically suggests the situation of OAH coin in present time and then working on it accordingly to manage work and reach.

Cryptocurrency presale and ICO can be beneficial in various manner. The primary one is the opportunity to invest in cryptocurrencies with a great future potential at really valuable prices and when talking about OAH coin, it is not just limited to the financial aspect but also a social cause. Other benefits of going with cryptocurrency presale is that it helps you to diversify your cryptocurrency portfolio and make your investments more liquidated.

Concluding, participation in cryptocurrency ICO presale like of OAH coin won’t just help someone as an opportunity to invest in a cryptocurrency with massive future potential, diversification of cryptocurrency portfolio, supporting for the social cause and other essential features but also in learning about cryptocurrency world. Cryptocurrency presale of OAH coin is going to continue 10th April 2022 as planned, which gives you liberty to take part in it according to your convenience.

For more information about OAH Coin you can visit the official website and download whitepaper.

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