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We are in a time wherein some rapid groundbreaking technological developments are being witnessed. This includes Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Web 3.0, Metaverse, NFTs,  and much more.

These technologies have the potential to change the world in an unprecedented and unparalleled manner. In fact, they are doing so as we speak. They can affect every aspect of our lives from social interactions to business execution to even our way of recreation.

One such development is the advent of cryptocurrencies or you can say digital currency. These currencies are developing at a fast rate and have become one of the best avenues of investment. While every passing minute a new crypto coin is hitting the market, OAH coin stand out as the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2022. Hence, in this blog, we will talk about OAH coin, a cryptocurrency launched by OAH Family.

This cryptocurrency is rapidly becoming the first choice of investment for two reasons. First is the high growth rate it is registering and second, and the important one is the noble cause it seeks to serve by offering aid to elderlies. So, what OAH Coins are and how you can contribute to the noble cause and at the same time achieve great returns, let’s discuss them in detail.

The Underlying Technology of OAH Coins that make it ironclad – Blockchain

Just like any other cryptocurrency, OAH Coins are developed on the basis of blockchain technology. So, before we explore what OAH coins are, we have to first understand what blockchain technology is.

Blockchain, as the name suggests, is a chain of blocks storing data records. These blocks are linked to each other through cryptography to form a chain. Also, the chain is assembled in a chronological manner and develops a coherent database.

Blockchain is considered the safest form of data storage up to date. The reason being the data is stored through a very complex process of encryption in these blocks and once it is stored it cannot be changed. Moreover, the data is distributed across multiple locations,

This is contrary to what we see today where the data is stored in a particular server on a specific location. These servers are owned by a particular organization that, by nature, commands the data stored in them.  This practice has raised various concerns over the past few years, most prominent among them being that of Facebook, now Meta. The revenue model of the company involves selling users’ data and information, thereby, resulting in compromising the privacy of the users. Similarly other tech-giant like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have been alleged for invading privacy. In such a scenario, blockchain seems to be the appropriate solution.  

Blockchain offers two unbreakable layers of safety. First, through encryption that is impossible to crack. And second, through the distribution of data over various locations so that any security breach on one location does not affect the data on another location. This ensures the safety, integrity and privacy of the data and keeps it decentralized.

And that is exactly why blockchains are considered the best place to store crucial information such as financial transactions including information related to cryptocurrencies, votes in elections of government, healthcare data and much more. And since OAH is based on this impenetrable technology, it makes it super safe and secure to invest in. This takes us to our main topic, what is this OAH Coin exactly?

What is an OAH Coin?

Oah Coin

OAH Coin is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency launched by a charitable organization named OAH Family. The organization seeks to offer benefits like healthcare, age-care, livelihoods, disaster relief etc. Moreover, it offers advocacy and raises awareness on rights and policies relating to elders.

Hence, the organization aims to achieve dual objectives. First, offering aid to elderlies through financial assistance received from volunteers in the form of OAH coins. And second, providing high returns to the volunteers riding on the upsurge in the area of cryptocurrency.

In fact, the market size of cryptocurrency is expected to grow to the US $ 2.2 bn by 2026 at a CAGR of 7.1%.  And there are two main factors to it:

  1. Transparency or distributed ledger technology
  2. Growth in venture capital investments

To discuss them in detail, the transparency factor encashes the inability of the current financial system which is controlled by the intermediaries like banks, online payment systems like Google pay, Amazon pay etc.

This system fails to offer clarity on the transaction processes and when something goes wrong, the user does not have any resort to get for. On the other hand, cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain that are created as a distributed public ledger. This ledger is open for inspection by anyone and any alteration is validated by all the participants before it becomes a part of the chain.

The next big factor is the surge in venture capital funding for crypto companies. Venture capitalists have invested more than $27 billion across the world in the year 2021. This was more than any other year, in fact, more than the combined sum of the previous 10 years.

The reason behind this surge is the belief that the blockchain will usher in the evolution of the internet and eventually unseat its gatekeepers.

Thus, both of these factors will contribute to the growth of cryptocurrencies in the coming times. And on the same lines, the OAH coins are projected to offer phenomenal high returns amounting to twenty times of the investment by mid-2022, a hundred times by EOY 2023 and a thousand times by EOY 2025.

However, surprisingly the best return is not just in terms of the monetary gains but the emotional satisfaction.

OAH Coins is a novel method of asset creation along with providing security and facilities to older people. The coins work on a model under which the volunteers will invest in Coins. And these investments are utilized to offer financial help to elderlies. Thus, creating a win-win scenario for both parties. On one side it helps the needy and on the other, it results in monetary and emotional satisfaction to the investor. Moreover, a volunteer can also use the currency for all kinds of volunteering programs of the OAH Family worldwide. Following are the list of advantages the OAH Coins have to offer.

Advantages of OAH Coins:

  • It utilizes the powerful technology of Blockchain as the underlying base for its creation and storage. Blockchain technology is the safest technology on this date that protects the data as well as the privacy of the user.
  • OAH Coins acts as an asset for investment to the volunteers and has a promising future given the high tide of return on investment in the cryptocurrency market.
  • The assets growth is phenomenal and the investments help the old-aged.
  • Completely safe, once the data is created in the blockchain, it cannot be altered.
  • The underlying technology of blockchain is completely transparent and decentralized. Thus, each and every penny can be tracked for its usage.

In what ways do OAH Coins help elderlies?

Through OAH Coins, the OAH Family aims on direct interventions in the Areas –

  • Healthcare: mobile healthcare units, surgeries;
  • Age-care: helplines, care homes and daycare center, physiotherapy,
  • Livelihoods: elder-self-help groups; linkages with government schemes
  • Disaster Response: COVID-19 relief response,
  • Awareness: Rights and policies relating to elders

How can you get your own OAH Coins for Free?

Cryptocurrency Airdrop
Cryptocurrency OAH Coin Airdrop

OAH Coins are undergoing the airdrop offer. To claim your own free OAH coins worth $10, you can follow the below give easy steps.

Step 1: Register yourself as a volunteer with the OAH family by signing up here and get OAH Coins worth $5 instantly for free.

Step 2: Join us at Telegram for coins worth $1. This includes $0.5 for joining the Telegram group and $0.5 for joining the channel.

Step 3: Get another $1 by following us on Twitter as well as liking and retweeting the pinned tweet,

Step 4: Like the official page on Facebook @oahfamilyofficial and like, share and comment on the latest post to get OAH coins worth $1.

Step 5: Follow the page on Instagram and like, share and comment on the latest post.

Step 6: Subscribe the Youtube channel OAH Family and like and comment to get $1 worth of OAH coins.

Final Words

Given the current market trends, cryptocurrency is one of the hottest avenues of investment that experts are highly recommending these days. They suggest that it enhances your investment portfolio to a great extent and there should be some part of your income that should be invested. This way you can achieve the phenomenal high returns cryptocurrency has to offer and the sooner you invest in it the better. Furthermore, when it comes to OAH coins, the emotional satisfaction of helping the needy is way beyond the monetary gain and given the projections, the monetary gains are already very high. Hence, investing in OAH coins is a move that you can never regret as it is certainly the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2022.