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Elderly adults may not be getting the integrated care they require, according to a World Health Organization (WHO) study. In a study of 11 high-income nations, up to 41% of older individuals (aged 65 and up) reported problems with care coordination in the previous two years. As per the OAH Family, the world is currently plagued by a dearth of senior age care facilities and services that can meet their needs. “Currently, individuals, organizations, and service verticals function in silos. As a result, a one-stop platform has become necessary.

A blockchain-powered technology built by an Australian business claims to be able to help tackle the main problems in the senior care sector that traditional processes and systems have failed to solve. Blockchain technology is a mechanism that gives ordinary people real power. It deprives a central authority or a set of bodies of decision-making and planning authority.

The power is subsequently dispersed across a number of participants on the blockchain. They get the opportunity to verify data and participate in decision-making. In a decentralized system, everything is open-source yet immutable.

The use of blockchain technology in the care industry will move authority from authoritative or unskilled organizations to elders and their families. Seniors will benefit from such an environment since it will provide them with the finest options for individualized care.

Governments all around the world are grappling with issues in the old age care industry, ranging from unpaid care work to political involvement and security concerns among the elderly, “adding to it are issues surrounding global rehabilitation of an aging society.”

So, what is the purpose of the OAH Coin? Its goal is to provide support for financial services such as pensions in a novel method that transforms the entire program.

Blockchain’s OAH coin (the name of the aged care crypto-currency) combines sophisticated and big data capabilities to provide the elderly with a highly secure, user-friendly, and transparent platform that is powered by smart contracts.

While Nursing Home Administrators can offer the care that the elderly require, they are unable to address the financial issues. Now that the OAH Coin has been officially launched, it will become “the” coin that elders can use to pay for services at a number of Senior Care International’s medical affiliates, including CareNet Medical, Arias Health Care, DBA CareNet Health System, and Kindness-Care Home Health.

Our creativity OAH coin was the world’s first cryptocurrency to be introduced. We have established an incorruptible service with the help of Blockchain technology. The data analytics we’re applying promises that the elderly will have access to an interactive platform that will allow them to conduct any type of transaction.
We will try to make OAH Coin a universally acknowledged digital currency for retirement services, as it will become the face of the worldwide eco-finance scene for retirees.