volunteering for senior citizens

Senior citizens play a very vital role, as you get an invaluable treasure of their rich and abundant life experiences. Elders deserve the same amount of love and care they have provided you. Over the past few years, life expectancy has noticeably increased, leading to an increase in the population of senior citizens. As the age advances, elders have to face many health issues such as diabetes, cancer, blood pressure, arthritis, kidney infections, etc., making Volunteering for senior citizens essential.

Volunteering Processes: Physical and Virtual Volunteering

  1. Physical Volunteering for senior citizens 
  • Go out and spend time with senior citizens in nursing homes: 

Spending quality time with senior citizens has significantly reduced their chances of suffering from anxiety and depression. You can listen to music, dance with them to their favorite songs, play board games and sometimes take your friends along too to double the fun and engagement. Performing all these activities keeps their brain active and functioning correctly.

  • Check out for seniors citizens around you:

Instead of going to nursing homes, you can start helping senior citizens around you. There are probably many older adults living in your neighborhood all by themselves. You can go and give them a surprise visit. There are chances that they may be hesitant at first but make them comfortable by telling them your intentions and helping them. You can volunteer by making their meals, cleaning their house, taking them out grocery shopping, helping them fix things around the house, etc. All these things indirectly help them cope with their loneliness.

  • Volunteering for senior citizens suffering instability financially:

Poverty combined with old age is a primary growing concern in almost every part of the world, noticeably in developing countries like India; this is probably the most vulnerable section of our society. You can help by educating them about different government-launched schemes that benefit senior citizens and provide them with necessities like a portion of hygienic food, water, and shelter. Immediate medical aid should be given to senior citizens suffering from life-threatening conditions.

2. Virtual Volunteering for senior citizens: 

  • Opportunities for online Volunteering in India
  • Raising funds online through the campaign:

Raising funds for a genuine cause has become very convenient in today’s technology-driven era. Raising money by online monitoring in India has proved to be a boon. You can raise funds by creating fundraising campaigns and sharing links on social media platforms to create awareness.

  • Creating social media content:

Creating pages regarding ways, benefits, and importance of volunteering for senior citizens can be beneficial in motivating a large group of people to volunteer. Social Media, when used with proper knowledge and resources, has the power to educate millions at the same time.

OAH Family; Senior Citizens hope for a secured tomorrow

OAH Family is a strong community with people all around the world volunteering for senior citizens. There is a proper volunteering system having various programs to volunteer. By taking advantage of blockchain technology, the OAH family has launched their OAH Coin for the noble cause of making every elderly life easy. Its mission is to make OAH Coin the primary mode of transaction for every facility required by the elderly and provide good revenues to their active investors. Some of the key features of their vision include –

  • Providing premium grade services like healthcare, age care, and disaster response to all the older adults in order to ensure high-quality life.
  • Changing the aging game for everyone.
  • Encourage the importance of being active and healthy while aging.
  • Promote the idea of a “Society for all ages.”

The prime motive of the OAH family is to develop society by providing optimum medical facilities, education, and other essential assistance required by senior citizens who cannot take care of themselves. Senior Citizens are provided with proper education on how they can organize small communities for new programs. These programs include balance training to reduce falls in the elderly and launch different friendship programs for senior citizens suffering from loneliness. OAH family finances different services like nutritive care, aging care, preventive healthcare, etc.

According to studies volunteering for senior citizens has several benefits associated with it; a few are listed below: 

  • Amplifies your self-esteem and confidence :

Volunteering is a fantastic way to discover our hidden talents; it’s a path to discovering your true self. You feel a sense of purpose when asked to manage different tasks which require responsibility, like providing emotional support to elders, managing various events in the organization, and handling day to day activities of senior citizens.

  • Add value to society :

Through volunteering for senior citizens, you can contribute so much value to society. The global economy can be increased significantly. A robust social link is established between communities which is much safer and more coherent. Volunteering ignites a sense of concerned citizenship and promotes civic participation.

  • It helps you meet people with a similar mindset :

You can encounter many people while volunteering who have the same aim of helping out the elderly. This way, you get the opportunity to make new friends and spend time with them discussing your interests and finding more creative solutions for assisting the senior citizens.

OAH Coin: A Current Modern Initiative:

OAH coin is the platform that uses blockchain technology. The main advantages of using blockchain technology are its safe, increased efficiency as users can sell and buy the coins among themselves without intermediaries and proper records are available after transactions. Through the OAH coin, senior citizens can take hold of their financial requirements by choosing their mandatory services, making them self-reliant and independent.

Bottom Line:

The elderly contribute to a large part of our society, and taking care of them is of utmost importance. Volunteering for senior citizens can be done in two ways: physical participation or virtually through various social media platforms. Owing to the needs of senior citizens OAH family is determined to provide the best life possible to the elderly by organizing different volunteering programs for all age groups and introducing the OAH Coin.