OAH Family stands to use  BlockChain Technology to make a  positive shift globally.

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OAH Family – We Use Blockchain Technology for Helping Senior Citizens

The Blockchain technology is increasingly transforming various sectors World over. The tamper proof, open ledger system that blockchain has to offer, has the power to simplify and automate various day to day tasks for users. We can now see various implementations in sectors like healthcare, education and others.
With advancements in medical facilities, the average lifespan of human beings has increased. The technological advancements made us more connected than ever. We have created better infrastructure and facilities for our families. World over the children have access to better education. With increase in average life-span, there is an ongoing rise in number of senior citizens, which is further expected to increase every year. Having imparted their young years in making world a better place for everyone, the senior citizens deserve a lot of love, care and dignity. However, it is disheartening to observe that more and more seniors are now facing loneliness and lack of proper health care. Senior citizens, being the soft targets, are most vulnerable to become victims of any crime. We at OAH Family are standing to use the blockchain technology to make a positive shift in this situation. We look forward to create better monitoring, connectivity and healthcare resources using the technological advancements, the blockchain system has to offer, with an active involvement of our connected team of volunteers, making the entire globe a connected family.